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Speaker Title Date
Andrea Montoli (Univ. degli Studi di Milano, Italy) The nine lemma in the S-Mal'tsev and in the S-protomodular settings 2018-04-17
Ivan Yudin (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra) Rewriting systems and commutativity of diagrams 2018-03-20
Maria Manuel Clementino (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra) Topological groups have representable internal actions 2018-03-20
Herwig Hauser (Univ. of Vienna, Austria) The intricacies of algebraic power series 2018-02-07
Martin Hyland (Univ. of Cambridge, UK) The category of Brouwer operations: a basis for an understanding of choice sequences 2018-01-23
Marco Mackaay (Univ. Algarve) 2-Representations of dihedral and trihedral Soergel bimodules 2018-01-23
Alexander Zakharov (CMUP, Univ. Porto) Right-angled Artin groups: commensurability classification and subgroup intersection problem 2017-12-13
Tsugunori Nogura (Ehime Univ., Japan) Continuous weak selections on compact-like spaces 2017-11-21
Nora Szakács (CMUP, Univ. Porto) Inverse monoids and immersions of cell complexes 2017-10-17
Aleš Pultr (Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic) Joins of closed sublocales, coframes of sublocales, and frames of sublocales 2017-09-12
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