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Algebra, Logic and Topology  
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JANELIDZE, George, SOBRAL, Manuela (2018). Strict monadic topology I: first separation axioms and reflections. DMUC 18-41 Preprint.
GRAN, Marino, RODELO, Diana, NGUEFEU, Idriss Tchoffo (2018). Variations of the Shifting Lemma and Goursat categories. DMUC 18-38 Preprint.
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, JANELIDZE, George (2018). Another note on effective descent morphisms of topological spaces and relational algebras. DMUC 18-32 Preprint.
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, CAGLIARI, Francesca (2018). Topological groups have representable actions. DMUC 18-29 Preprint.
BABOOLAL, Dharmanand, PICADO, Jorge, PULTR, Ales (2018). Another proof of Banaschewski's surjection theorem. DMUC 18-25 Preprint.
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, MARTINS-FERREIRA, Nelson, MONTOLI, Andrea (2018). On the categorical behaviour of preordered groups. DMUC 18-22 Preprint.
PICADO, Jorge, PULTR, Ales (2018). Entourages, density, Cauchy structure, and completion. DMUC 18-19 Preprint.
ALMEIDA, Jorge, COSTA, Alfredo (2018). Profinite topologies. DMUC 18-16 Preprint.
BALL, Richard N., PICADO, Jorge, PULTR, Ales (2018). Some aspects of (non)functoriality of natural discrete covers of locales. DMUC 18-10 Preprint.
RODELO, Diana, NGUEFEU, Idriss Tchoffo (2018). Goursat completions. DMUC 18-06 Preprint.
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Groups, Topology and Applications
Attractivité internationale et collaborations de recherche dans le cadre du Coimbra group
Ordered structures and topology: pointfree topology, many-valued and noncommutative topology, and numerical representations
Escola Delfos
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