Algebra, Logic and Topology (ALT)

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CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, RODELO, Diana (2023). A note on Mal'tsev objects. DMUC 23-36 Preprint.
ADÁMEK, Jirí, SOUSA, Lurdes (2023). A finitary adjoint functor theorem. DMUC 23-35 Preprint.
JANELIDZE, George, SOBRAL, Manuela (2023). Strict monadic topology II: Descent for closure spaces. DMUC 23-31 Preprint.
BORLIDO, Célia, KARAZERIS, Panagis, REGGIO, Luca, TSAMIS, Konstantinos (2023). Filtral pretoposes and compact Hausdorff locales. DMUC 23-30 Preprint.
PREZADO, Rui, LUCATELLI NUNES, Fernando (2023). Generalized multicategories: change-of-base, embedding, and descent. DMUC 23-29 Preprint.
AREIAS, João, PICADO, Jorge (2023). Continuity and openness of maps on locales by way of Galois adjunctions. DMUC 23-27 Preprint.
PICADO, Jorge, PULTR, Ales (2023). Notes on sublocales and dissolution. DMUC 23-26 Preprint.
JANELIDZE, George, SOBRAL, Manuela (2023). A note on idempotent semirings. DMUC 23-25 Preprint.
GUTIERRES, Gonçalo, MAMEDE, Ricardo (2023). Diameter of a commutation class on reduced words. DMUC 23-17 Preprint.
MANUELL, Graham, WRIGLEY, Joshua L. (2023). The representing localic groupoid for a geometric theory. DMUC 23-16 Preprint.
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