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Abstract: The Delfos Project is an informal school founded in 2001 to attract and teach high school students (age: 14-17), and prepare these youngsters for international Math Olympiads of several kinds. Delfos has a very heavy participation of CMUC members, which intervene in the project strategy, as organizers and in lecturing and training activities. Delfos classes are delivered regularly one weekend internship each month, and receive c. 30-40 students per session, amongst the best math skilled young people from secondary schools all over Portugal.

Since Delfos' foundation, the Portuguese math olympic teams have substantially improved their performances in international olympiads; in the last 2-3 years Portugal ranks in the IMO at a sustained c. 60-th percentile in the official ranking of countries, against the 10-20-th of 10 years ago; in the last 5 years, Portugal got 3 gold medals, 2 silver, 14 bronze and 9 honor mentions. In the Ibero-American Olympiads we now rank 2-nd among c. 23 countries. Since its inception, Delfos School has attracted an increasing number of highly motivated students to study Mathematics in the university. This action has led to the development of many young excellent mathematicians.

A subproject of Delfos, called Delfos Junior, has been created in 2014. This junior branch is directed towards students under 14.

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