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Homotopy theory of 2-categories
Description:  The category of small categories has a Thomason model structure making its homotopy category equivalent to the classical homotopy category of topological spaces. The same is true for small 2-categories, so we can think of small 2-categories as spaces. In this talk I will present the different ways in which this can be done, and how to study certain homotopy constructions applied to these spaces in a purely categorical way. More precisely, I will present generalizations of the homotopy colimit theorem of Thomason and of theorems A and B of Quillen for 2-categories.
This was joint work with Antonio M. Cegarra and M. Calvo-Cervera.
Date:  2015-12-15
Start Time:   14:30
Speaker:  Benjamín Alarcón Heredia (CMA, FCT-UNL)
Institution:  CMA, FCT-UNL
Place:  Sala 5.5
Research Groups: -Algebra, Logic and Topology
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