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On the dimension formula for Goldie's uniform dimension
Speaker: Christian Lomp (Univ. Porto)
A classical (right) ring of fractions of a ring R is an overring Q(R) of R such that any non-zero divisor of R is invertible in Q(R) and any element of Q(R) is of the form ab^{-1} for a and b elements of R with b a non-zero divisor. Oystein Ore proved in the 30s that a (non-commutative) domain R...
Introduction to causal analysis
Speaker: Maria Králová (Masaryk Univ., Czech Republic)
Researchers in many areas where only observational data are available often face the challenge of assessing the effect of the treatment on the outcome.  Within a framework of traditional statistical analysis of multivariate data, only different measures of association are available. And, as...
Normally ordered forms of powers of differential operators
Speaker: Samuel Lopes (CMUP, Univ. Porto)
See the attached file....
Algebraic and geometric classification of nilpotent Tortkara algebras
Speaker: Mykola Khrypchenko (Univ. Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)
We classify all nilpotent Tortkara algebras of dimension 6 over the field of complex numbers. We also determine the rigid algebras and irreducible components of the variety of such algebras. This is a joint work with Ilya Gorshkov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics) and Ivan Kaygorodov (Universidade...
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