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Decidability of first-order theories
Speaker: Cristina Sernadas (CMAFcIO, Univ. Lisboa)
Some results and reduction techniques for proving decidability of mathematical theories and completeness of logics are presented. The crucial role of the theory of real closed ordered fields is explained. Selected illustrations from Euclidean Geometry to Quantum Logic are discussed....
Peregrine's system revisited
Speaker: Ángel Durán (Univ. Valladolid, Spain)
In 1967, D. H. Peregrine proposed a Boussinesq-type model for long waves in shallow waters of varying depth (Peregrine, J Fluid Mech 27:815-827, 1967). This prominent paper turned a new leaf in coastal hydrodynamics along with contributions by Serre (La Houille Blanche 8:374-388, 1953) and Green and...
Geometric constructions: some working hypotheses
Speaker: Graziani Pierluigi (Univ. of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy)
Among the many theses regarding the nature of Greek mathematics, the most popular one held by historians and philosophers of ancient mathematics is that Greek mathematics, in particular Euclid's Elements, has a constructive nature. However, it is not always clear what the defenders of this thesis...
Describing the singular behaviour of parabolic equations on cones in fractional Sobolev spaces
Speaker: Cornelia Schneider (Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
On colimit-dense subcategories
Speaker: Jiří Adámek (Tech. Univ. Braunschweig, Germany)
Spin-orbit coupling in the Solar System
Speaker: Alexandre C. M. Correia (DFUC, Univ. Coimbra)
Recent developments in the study of the Solar System dynamics have shown that it is not such a quiet place. Mutual interactions between all bodies may destabilise the orbits and the spins of all terrestrial planets and satellites. Chaotic motion is everywhere and our present quiet Earth will likely...
Normally ordered forms of powers of differential operators
Speaker: Samuel Lopes (CMUP, Univ. Porto)
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