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2-Representations of dihedral and trihedral Soergel bimodules
Description:  2-Representation theory of monoidal categories is the categorical analogue of representation theory of algebras. In my talk, I will discuss the 2-representation theory of (sub)-quotients of the monoidal categories of Soergel bimodules of affine type A1 and A2, which are closely related to the representation categories of the quantum groups of type A1 and A2 at roots of unity.

This is joint work (some of it still in progress) with (varying subsets of) Elias, Kildetoft, Mazorchuk, Miemietz, Tubbenhauer and Zimmermann.
Date:  2018-01-23
Start Time:   16:00
Speaker:  Marco Mackaay (Univ. Algarve)
Institution:  Univ. Algarve
Place:  Room 5.5
Research Groups: -Algebra, Logic and Topology
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