Geometry (G)

Speaker Title Date
Florian Pausinger (Queen's Univ. Belfast, Northern Ireland) Discrepancy of stratified samples from partitions of the unit cube 2023-11-29
Fani Petalidou (Aristotle Univ. Thessaloniki, Greece) On the Dorfman connections of a Courant algebroid 2023-11-29
Didac Martinez Granado (Univ. of Luxembourg) Volume bounds on canonical lift complements of random geodesics 2023-10-18
Jake Levinson (Simon Fraser Univ., Canada) The Keel-Tevelev embedding of \(M_{0,n}\)-bar 2023-07-12
Giorgio Trentinaglia (CAMGSD, Univ. Lisboa) Towards a general obstruction theory for geometric structures? 2023-05-03
Ioan Marcut (Univ. Nijmegen, Netherlands) Normal forms in Poisson geometry 2023-03-29
André Oliveira (CMUP, Univ. Trás-os-montes e Alto Douro) Moduli of twisted Higgs bundles as a degeneration of moduli of Lie algebroid connections 2023-03-08
João Nuno Mestre (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra) Transverse densities and modular classes of Lie groupoids 2023-02-22
José Pedro Quintanilha (Univ. Bielefeld, Germany) Computing generalized Seifert matrices for closures of colored braids 2023-01-05
Thomas Kahl (CMUM, Univ. Minho) The homology language of a higher-dimensional automaton 2022-11-30
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