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CAPPELLETTI MONTANO, Beniamino, DE NICOLA, Antonio, MARRERO, Juan Carlos, YUDIN, Ivan (2019). Hard Lefschetz theorem for Vaisman manifolds. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. Vol. 371. 2, pp. 755-776.
CASEIRO, Raquel, FACAS VICENTE, Manuel A., VITÓRIA, José (2019). Projection method and the distance between two linear varieties. Linear Algebra and its Applications. Vol. 563, pp. 446-460.
BLOCH, Anthony M., CAMARINHA, Margarida, COLOMBO, Leonardo Jesus Dynamic interpolation for obstacle avoidance on Riemannian manifolds. International Journal of Control
GIRÃO, Darlan, NOGUEIRA, João Miguel, SALGUEIRO, António Manuel On links minimizing the tunnel number. Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications
Number of registers: 4.1
Mecanica Geometrica, Teorias Clasicas De Campos Y Estructuras De Poisson
Escola Delfos
Number of registers: 2.1
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