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Numerical Analysis and Optimization  
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Speaker Title Date
Ángel Durán (Univ. Valladolid, Spain) Peregrine's system revisited 2019-03-27
Diogo Neto (DEM, Univ. Coimbra)
The finite element method in sheet metal forming simulation 2019-02-27
Rui Vilela Mendes (CMAFCIO, Univ. Lisboa) Stochastic solutions for nonlinear partial differential equations 2019-02-20
Andreia P. Guerreiro (CISUC, DEI-UC) Portfolio selection in evolutionary algorithms 2019-01-30
François Glineur (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium) Performance estimation of first-order methods for composite convex optimization 2018-10-18
Eduardo Abreu (UNICAMP, Brazil) Efficient and accurate Lagrangian-Eulerian numerical schemes for solving hyperbolic balance laws 2018-07-13
Giuseppe Romanazzi (UNICAMP, Brazil) Numerical modelling of cell-renewal, pit patterns and crypt fission in colonic crypts 2018-07-10

Mina Saee Bostanabad (PhD student, CMUC)

A problem-dependent inner approximation of the completely positive cone 2018-06-27

Rui M. M. Brito (BSIM Therapeutics, IPN & Univ. Coimbra) and João H. B. Meireles (BSIM Therapeutics, IPN)

Mining chemical space for pharmacological rules: corneal permeation as an example 2018-06-06
Roman Chertovskikh (SYSTEC, Univ. Porto) Multiscale non-helical dynamos 2018-03-14
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