Numerical Analysis and Optimization (NAO)

Speaker Title Date
Francisco Pereira (CISUC & Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra) A brief introduction to Machine Learning: from the perceptron to large language models 2023-12-15
Ana Jacinta Soares (CMAT, Univ. Minho) Dynamics and stability of a network human-landscape model 2023-11-24
Fernando Raul Contreras (Univ. Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil) Advances in finite volume methods for the simulation of flows in porous media 2023-11-17
Sirani M. Perera (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA) A low-cost algorithm to determine spacecraft trajectories in CR3BP 2023-06-23

Emmanuel Franck & Victor Michel-Dansac (Inria & IRMA, Strasbourg, France)

Scientific machine learning: some methods and applications 2022-12-09
João M. Pereira (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Scalable methods for high-dimensional inverse problems using neural networks and implicit method of moments 2022-12-02
Stéphane Clain (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra) High order methods for PDE: panorama and perspective 2022-11-11
Evelin Krulikovski (Univ. Nova de Lisboa) A low-cost alternating projection approach for a continuous formulation of convex and cardinality constrained optimization 2022-10-21
Sandra Pinelas (DCEE, Academia Militar)
Asymptotic behavior and stability of solutions in differential equations of mixed type 2022-09-23
Marta Pascoal (Politecnico di Milano, CMUC/University of Coimbra, and INESC Coimbra) K dissimilar paths 2022-06-24
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