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BORGES, J. S., FERREIRA, José Augusto, ROMANAZZI, Giuseppe, ABREU, E. (2019). Drug release from viscoelastic polymeric matrices - a stable and supraconvergent FDM. DMUC 19-20 Preprint.
FERREIRA, José Augusto, OLIVEIRA, Paula de, PINTO, Luís (2019). Aging effect on iontophoretic transdermal drug delivery. DMUC 19-08 Preprint.
COELHO, Catarina, ESTEVES DOS SANTOS, José Luís, JÚDICE, Pedro (2019). A robust model for optimal bank asset structure. DMUC 19-06 Preprint.
DAS, Amal K., SOUSA, Ercília (2019). A fractional diffusion model with resetting.
GRATTON, Serge, ROYER, Clément W., VICENTE, Luís Nunes, ZHANG, Zaikun (2019). Direct search based on probabilistic feasible descent for bound and linearly constrained problems. Computational Optimization and Applications. Vol. 72. 3, pp. 525-559.
ANTUNES DO CARMO, J., FERREIRA, José Augusto, PINTO, Luís (2019). On the accurate simulation of nearshore and dam break problems involving dispersive breaking waves. Wave Motion. Vol. 85, pp. 125-143.
ANTONIOU, Efstathios N., ARAÚJO, Adérito, BUSTAMANTE, Miguel D., GIBALI, Aviv (2019). Physically feasible decomposition of Engino® toy models: A graph-theoretic approach. European Journal of Applied Mathematics. Vol. 30. 2, pp. 278-297.
PATRÍCIO, Maria Fernanda, RAMOS, Higinio, PATRÍCIO, Miguel (2019). Solving initial and boundary value problems of fractional ordinary differential equations by using collocation and fractional powers. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 354, pp. 348-359.
GRATTON, Serge, ROYER, Clément W., VICENTE, Luís Nunes A decoupled first/second-order steps technique for nonconvex nonlinear unconstrained optimization with improved complexity bounds. Mathematical Programming
CAVADAS, Joana, CORREIA, Gonçalo Homem de Almeida, GOUVEIA, João A MIP model for locating slow-charging stations for electric vehicles in urban areas accounting for driver tours. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review
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