Speaker Title Date
Makson Santos (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa) Regularity for fully nonlinear elliptic equations via the fractional Laplacian 2023-04-21
Pêdra Andrade (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa) A multiphase shape optimization problem with measure constraint 2023-04-21
Elena E. Berdysheva (Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa) Metric Fourier approximation of set-valued functions of bounded variation 2023-03-31
Harish Shrivastava (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore, India) Variational solution to Bernoulli type free transmission problems 2023-02-17
Galina Filipuk (Univ. of Warsaw, Poland) (Quasi)-Painlevé equations and Painlevé equivalence problem 2023-01-20
Giuseppe Negro (CAMGSD, IST) Examples of explicit solutions to the cubic wave equation 2022-12-16
Amiran Gogatishvili (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic) Weighted inequalities restricted on the cone of monotone functions and applications in the real interpolation 2022-11-18
Damião J. Araújo (Univ. Federal da Paraíba, Brazil) Improved regularity estimates at free and fixed boundary points 2022-11-04
Ilkka Holopainen (Univ. of Helsinki, Finland) Translating solutions and non-parametric mean curvature flow with prescribed contact angle in Riemannian products 2022-09-30
Jorge Drumond Silva (IST, Lisboa) Nonlinear smoothing by the infinite normal form reduction method 2022-07-22
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