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Speaker Title Date
James Kennedy (Univ. Lisboa) Variational theory and spectral geometry of quantum graphs 2018-12-14
Amílcar Branquinho (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra) Riemann-Hilbert problems in the theory of orthogonal polynomials 2018-11-23
Nicolau Diehl (CMUC) Porous medium equations with advection 2018-11-16
Mikhail Turbin (Voronezh State Univ., Russia) The existence theorem of weak solution for the initial-boundary problem for Oskolkov's system of equations 2018-10-26
Vladimir Orlov (Voronezh State Univ., Russia) Investigation of the dynamics of the anti-Zener model 2018-10-12
Márcio N. de Jesus (IP Viseu) Polynomial mappings and sieved ultraspherical polynomials. An application involving an electrostatic model 2018-07-20
Cornelia Schneider (Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany) Besov regularity of parabolic PDEs 2018-07-13
Giuseppe Romanazzi (UNICAMP, Brazil) Numerical modelling of cell-renewal, pit patterns and crypt fission in colonic crypts 2018-07-10
Galina Filipuk (Univ. of Warsaw, Poland) Aspects of the Painlevé equations 2018-06-22
Helena Mascarenhas (CEAFEL, IST Lisboa) Spectral properties of variable-coefficient Toeplitz matrices 2018-06-15
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