Geometry (G)

Speaker Title Date
Ana Cristina Ferreira (CMAT, Univ. Minho) Wallach spaces and Dirac operators 2021-01-20
Roger Picken (IST, Univ. Lisbon) Link invariants from finite crossed modules and a lifting of the Eisermann invariant 2020-11-16
Emilio Franco Gomez (CAMGSD, IST, Lisboa) Mirror symmetry on the Hitchin system 2020-01-24
André Oliveira (CMUP & UTAD) Branes on the Hitchin system via torsion bundles 2020-01-24
Teresa Monteiro Fernandes (CMAFcIO, Univ. Lisboa) A walk from D-modules to distribution theory through the conjugation functor 2020-01-08
Dmitry Gurevich (Valenciennes Univ., France) Quantum matrix algebras: a review 2020-01-06
Pedro Lopes (IST, Univ. Lisboa) The prevalence of persistent tangles 2019-10-23
Ricardo Campos (Univ. Montpellier, France) The homotopy type of shifted cotangent bundles 2019-07-12
Matteo Raffaelli (CMUC) The geometry of generalized flat ribbons 2019-06-12
Alexandre C. M. Correia (DFUC, Univ. Coimbra) Spin-orbit coupling in the Solar System 2019-04-24
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