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Supercharacters for algebra groups and their geometric relations
Description:  Given any algebra group over any finite field one has a supercharacter theory constructed by P. Diaconis and I.M. Isaacs. And we may ask three questions:
- How the supercharacter theory behaves with respect to change of field (i.e. finite field extensions)
- Exists an object that contains all supercharacter theory for all changes of field,
- If the answer to the second question is positive does exist a group and a supercharacter theory that has the information given by that object.
In this talk I will give a brief introduction to the supercharacter theory and give the answer to the questions above.
Date:  2018-06-06
Start Time:   15:00
Speaker:  João Dias (Univ. Lisboa)
Institution:  Universidade de Lisboa
Place:  Room 5.5, Department of Mathematics, U.C.
Research Groups: -Algebra and Combinatorics
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