Normal forms in Poisson geometry
Description:  This is an introductory talk to Poisson geometry, with a focus on normal forms for Poisson structures. First, we will discuss Weinstein's Splitting theorem and the linearization problem around points, including Conn's theorem. Then I will discuss some of the problems I have worked on: linearization around leaves (with Marius Crainic), around Poisson submanifolds (with Rui Loja Fernandes), and back to points for the isotropy sl_2(C) (with Florian Zeiser). At least the first half of the talk should be accessable to a general audience, with some background in differential geometry.
Date:  2023-03-29
Speaker:  Ioan Marcut (Univ. Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Institution:  University of Nijmegen, Netherlands
Research Groups: -Geometry
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