Blocks of endomorphism algebras of Young permutation modules for Hecke algebras

We consider a symmetric group acting on a set whose  point stabilisers are products of smaller symmetric group (more precisely Young subgroups). The corresponding permutation module is called a Young permutation module. Familiar examples such as  group algebras of symmetric groups, Schur algebras, and partition algebras in positive characteristic arise as endomorphism algebras of Young permutation modules. We describe a general principle from which the distribution of the simple modules into  blocks in these cases may be deduced.  We treat the quantised version throughout. 

Date:  2023-06-21
Start Time:   11:00
Speaker:  Stephen Donkin (Univ. of York, UK)
Institution:  Univ. of York, UK
Place:  Sala 2.4, DMUC
Research Groups: -Algebra and Combinatorics
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