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Portuguese Meeting on Optimal Control 2018
EPCO2018 will provide an opportunity to discuss the latest research and...
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Dia de Geometria
Dia de Geometria / Geometry...
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The 8th Combinatorics Day
This is the eighth edition of the Combinatorics Days, to be held at the...
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CADGME - Conference on Computer Algebra and Dynamic Geometry Systems in Mathematics Education
CADGME 2018, Conference on Digital Tools in Mathematics Education will be...
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Category Theory 2018
The 2018 International Category Theory Conference will take place at the...
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On the profinite topology on solvable groups
Khadijeh Alibabaei (CMUP, Univ. Porto)
Supercharacters for algebra groups and their geometric relations
João Dias (Univ. Lisboa)
Spectral properties of variable-coefficient Toeplitz matrices
Helena Mascarenhas (CEAFEL, IST Lisboa)
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Kepler's problem and spaces of constant curvature
Velimir Jurdjevic (Univ. Toronto, Canada)
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UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics, 2nd call for applications
A second call for applications for the 2018-19 edition of the program will...
Summer School of the UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics
Aveiro, 3-14 September 2018. This year the annual UC|UP PhD Summer...
Universidade de Verão 2018
The Summer University 2018, promoted by the University of Coimbra (UC),...
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