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Jacobi multipliers and nonholonomic Lagrangian systems
Speaker: Patrícia Santos (ISEC, Coimbra)
Jacobi multipliers is a tool in the solution of problems in mechanics that provides Lagrangians descriptions and constants of motion for systems of ODE. In this seminar we establish the relation between Jacobi multipliers and nonholonomic Lagrangian systems where the dynamics is determined by...
Limit groups and their profinite completion
Speaker: Theo A. D. Zapata (Univ. de Brasília, Brazil)
In the last decades limit groups have been attracting the attention of many mathematicians, specially because they played a fundamental role in the recent solution of the outstanding Tarski problem on free groups. Two simple group-theoretical reasons for so much attention are the following: limit...
A categorical model for the Hopf fibration
Speaker: Björn Gohla (GFM, Univ. Lisboa)
We give a description up to homeomorphism of S3 and S2 as classifying spaces  of small categories, such that the Hopf map S3 --> S2 is the realization of a  functor....
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