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RIBEIRO, Willian, (2018). On generalized equilogical spaces. DMUC 18-50 Preprint. Export
PICADO, Jorge, PULTR, Ales, (2018). Axiom T_D and the Simmons sublocale theorem. DMUC 18-48 Preprint. Export
GARRÃO, Ana Paula, MARTINS-FERREIRA, Nelson, RAPOSO, Margarida, SOBRAL, Manuela, (2018). Conjugation semigroups and conjugation monoids with cancellation. DMUC 18-49 Preprint. Export
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, HOFMANN, Dirk, RIBEIRO, Willian, (2018). Cartesian closed exact completions in topology. DMUC 18-46 Preprint. Export
COSTA, Alfredo, (2018). Symbolic dynamics and semigroup theory. DMUC 18-47 Preprint. Export
FILIPUK, Galina, REBOCHO, Maria das Neves, (2018). Discrete semi-classical orthogonal polynomials of class one on quadratic lattices. DMUC 18-44 Preprint. Export
ALMEIDA, Jorge, COSTA, Alfredo, KYRIAKOGLOU, Revekka, PERRIN, Dominique, (2018). On the group of a rational maximal bifix code. DMUC 18-45 Preprint. Export
SHI, Wenhui, (2018). An epiperimetric inequality approach to the parabolic Signorini problem. DMUC 18-43 Preprint. Export
FERREIRA, José Augusto, OLIVEIRA, Paula de, SILVEIRA, Maria Elisa, (2018). Drug release enhanced by temperature: an accurate discrete model for solutions in H^3. DMUC 18-42 Preprint. Export
BERNARDES, Raquel, FERREIRA, José Augusto, OLIVEIRA, Paula de, GRASSI, Mario, NHANGUMBE, M., (2018). Drug delivery from bimaterial orthopedic implants: a mathematical approach. DMUC 18-40 Preprint. Export
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