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CAPPELLETTI MONTANO, Beniamino, DE NICOLA, Antonio, MARRERO, Juan Carlos, YUDIN, Ivan, (2019). Hard Lefschetz theorem for Vaisman manifolds. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. Vol. 371. 2, pp. 755-776. Export
MARQUES DE SÁ, Eduardo, (2019). Linear preservers for the q-permanent, cycle q-permanent expansions, and positive crossings in digraphs. Linear Algebra and its Applications. Vol. 561, pp. 228-252. Export
AZENHAS, Olga, MAMEDE, Ricardo, (2018). A classification of monotone ribbons with full Schur support with application to the classification of full equivalence classes. DMUC 18-56 Preprint. Export
BEBIANO, Natália, PROVIDÊNCIA, João da, (2018). Non self-adjoint operators with real spectra and extensions of quantum mechanics. DMUC 18-57 Preprint. Export
ARAÚJO, Damião J., TEIXEIRA, Eduardo V., URBANO, José Miguel, (2018). Optimal regularity for a two-phase free boundary problem ruled by the infinity Laplacian. DMUC 18-55 Preprint. Export
GUTIÉRREZ GARCÍA, Javier, KUBIAK, Tomasz, PICADO, Jorge, (2018). On hereditary properties of extremally disconnected frames and normal frames. DMUC 18-54 Preprint. Export
TENREIRO, Carlos, (2018). On the automatic selection of the tuning parameter appearing in certain families of goodness-of-fit tests. DMUC 18-53 Preprint. Export
ANTUNES DO CARMO, J., FERREIRA, José Augusto, PINTO, Luís, (2018). On the accurate simulation of nearshore and dam break problems involving dispersive breaking waves. DMUC 18-52 Preprint. Export
ARAB, Idir, HADJIKYRIAKOU, Milto, OLIVEIRA, Paulo Eduardo, (2018). On the limit behavior of iterated equilibrium distributions for the Gamma and Weibull families. DMUC 18-51 Preprint. Export
RIBEIRO, Willian, (2018). On generalized equilogical spaces. DMUC 18-50 Preprint. Export
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