Publications (Preprint)
Publication Year
Scientific Areas
BORLIDO, Célia, SUAREZ, Anna Laura, (2023). Pervin spaces and Frith frames: bitopological aspects and completion. DMUC 23-07 Preprint. Export
FERREIRA, José Augusto, OLIVEIRA, Paula de, SILVA, Pascoal da, (2023). Respiratory particles: from analytical estimates to disease transmission. DMUC 23-06 Preprint. Export
BERNARDES, Raquel, (2023). Measurable functions on sigma-frames. DMUC 23-04 Preprint. Export
MBOUNA, Dieudonné, SUZUKI, Alexandre, (2023). Some Appell-type orthogonal polynomials on lattices. DMUC 23-03 Preprint. Export
BROX, Jose, ALBUQUERQUE, Helena, (2023). The determinant, spectral properties, and inverse of a tridiagonal k-Toeplitz matrix over a commutative ring. DMUC 23-02 Preprint. Export
BIANCA, Vincenzo, PIMENTEL, Edgard, URBANO, José Miguel, (2023). BMO-regularity for a degenerate transmission problem. DMUC 23-01 Preprint. Export
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, LUCATELLI NUNES, Fernando, (2022). Lax comma categories of ordered sets. DMUC 22-49 Preprint. Export
BRANQUINHO, Amílcar, FERNÁNDEZ-DÍAZ, Juan E., FOULQUIÉ MORENO, Ana, MAÑAS, Manuel, (2022). Hahn multiple orthogonal polynomials of type I: Hypergeometrical expressions. arXiv:2212.11923 Preprint. Export
BRANQUINHO, Amílcar, FOULQUIÉ MORENO, Ana, MAÑAS, Manuel, (2022). Spectral theory for bounded banded matrices with positive bidiagonal factorization and mixed multiple orthogonal polynomials. arXiv:2212.10235 Preprint. Export
PRAZERES, Disson dos, SOBRAL, Aelson, URBANO, José Miguel, (2022). Cordes-Nirenberg type results for nonlocal equations with deforming kernels. DMUC 22-48 Preprint. Export
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