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ARAÚJO, Damião J., SOBRAL, Aelson, TEIXEIRA, Eduardo V., URBANO, José Miguel, (2024). On free boundary problems shaped by oscillatory singularities. DMUC 24-07 Preprint. Export
ARAÚJO, Damião J., TEYMURAZYAN, Rafayel, URBANO, José Miguel, (2024). Hausdorff measure estimates for the degenerate quenching problem. DMUC 24-06 Preprint. Export
TEYMURAZYAN, Rafayel, (2024). The fractional Laplacian: a primer. DMUC 24-05 Preprint. Export
MAMEDE, Ricardo, SANTOS, José Luis, SOARES, Diogo, (2024). A characterization of one-element commutation classes. DMUC 24-04 Preprint. Export
GUTIERRES, Gonçalo, MAMEDE, Ricardo, SANTOS, José Luis, (2024). Hamilton cycles for involutions of classical type. DMUC 24-03 Preprint. Export
GOMES, Filipe, PIMENTEL, Edgard, (2024). On super-solutions to fully nonlinear equations with measurable ingredients. DMUC 24-02 Preprint. Export
HOEFNAGEL, Michael, RODELO, Diana, (2024). Categorical aspects of congruence distributivity. DMUC 24-01 Preprint. Export
AZENHAS, Olga, SANTOS, João, (2023). Cocrystals of symplectic Kashiwara-Nakashima tableaux, symplectic Willis like direct way, virtual keys and applications. DMUC 23-38 Preprint. Export
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, JANELIDZE, George, (2023). Effective descent morphisms of filtered preorders. DMUC 23-37 Preprint. Export
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, RODELO, Diana, (2023). A note on Mal'tsev objects. DMUC 23-36 Preprint. Export
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