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AMARAL, Marcelo D., SILVA, João Vítor da, RICARTE, Gleydson Chaves, TEYMURAZYAN, Rafayel, (2018). Sharp regularity estimates for quasilinear evolution equations. DMUC 18-17 Preprint. Export
ALMEIDA, Jorge, COSTA, Alfredo, (2018). Profinite topologies. DMUC 18-16 Preprint. Export
GOGATISHVILI, Amiran, NEVES, Júlio S., OPIC, Bohumír, (2018). Characterization of embeddings of Sobolev-type spaces into generalized Hölder spaces defined by Lp-modulus of smoothness. DMUC 18-14 Preprint. Export
MOURA, Susana D., NEVES, Júlio S., SCHNEIDER, Cornelia, (2018). Traces and extensions of generalized smoothness Morrey spaces on domains. DMUC 18-15 Preprint. Export
MARQUES, Jorge, CARVALHO E SILVA, Jaime, (2018). Gevrey well posedness of the generalized Goursat-Darboux problem for a linear PDE. DMUC 18-13 Preprint. Export
FLIEGE, Jorg, VAZ, A. Ismael F. , VICENTE, Luís Nunes, (2018). Complexity of gradient descent for multiobjective optimization. DMUC 18-12 Preprint. Export
BEITES, Patrícia D., NICOLÁS, Alejandro P., SARAIVA, Paulo, VITÓRIA, José, (2018). Vector cross product differential and difference equations in ℝ^3 and in ℝ^7. DMUC 18-11 Preprint. Export
BALL, Richard N., PICADO, Jorge, PULTR, Ales, (2018). Some aspects of (non)functoriality of natural discrete covers of locales. DMUC 18-10 Preprint. Export
MARQUES DE SÁ, Eduardo, (2018). Linear preservers for the q-permanent, cycle q-permanent expansions, and positive crossings in digraphs. DMUC 18-09 Preprint. Export
BRANQUINHO, Amílcar, CHEN, Yang, FILIPUK, Galina, REBOCHO, Maria das Neves, (2018). A characterization theorem for semi-classical orthogonal polynomials on non uniform lattices. DMUC 18-08 Preprint. Export
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