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GUTIÉRREZ GARCÍA, Javier, MOZO CAROLLO, Imanol, PICADO, Jorge, WALTERS-WAYLAND, Joanne, (2018). Hedgehog frames and a cardinal extension of normality. DMUC 18-05 Preprint. Export
CALDERÓN MARTÍN, Antonio J., KAYGORODOV, Ivan, SARAIVA, Paulo, (2018). Decompositions of linear spaces induced by n-linear maps. DMUC 18-04 Preprint. Export
CAPPELLETTI MONTANO, Beniamino, DE NICOLA, Antonio, MARRERO, Juan Carlos, YUDIN, Ivan, (2018). Almost formality of quasi-Sasakian and Vaiman manifolds with applications to nilmanifolds. DMUC 18-03 Preprint. Export
YUDIN, Ivan, (2018). Decreasing diagrams and coherent presentations. DMUC 18-02 Preprint. Export
EBMEYER, Carsten, URBANO, José Miguel, VOGELGESANG, Jens, (2018). Nash equilibria in N-person games with super-quadratic Hamiltonians. DMUC 18-01 Preprint. Export
ARAÚJO, Damião J., URBANO, José Miguel, (2017). Optimal regularity for rupture solutions of the infinity Laplace equation with singular absorptions. DMUC 17-58 Preprint. Export
FERREIRA, José Augusto, OLIVEIRA, Paula de, SILVA, Pascoal da, SILVA, Rufino, (2017). Towards a precision ophthalmology: targetting the retina. DMUC 17-57 Preprint. Export
FERREIRA, Maria João, PICADO, Jorge, MARQUES PINTO, Sandra, (2017). Remainders in pointfree topology. DMUC 17-56 Preprint. Export
TERADA, I., KING, R. C., AZENHAS, Olga, (2017). Involutory LR symmetry bijection on hives. DMUC 17-55 Preprint. Export
MARQUES PINTO, Daniel, (2017). Nonorientable hypermaps of a given type and genus. DMUC 17-54 Preprint. Export
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