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ADÁMEK, Jirí, SOUSA, Lurdes, (2017). A formula for codensity monads and density comonads. DMUC 17-52 Preprint. Export
DIAS, Eduardo, (2017). Construction of algebraic covers. DMUC 17-50 Preprint. Export
GUTIERRES, Gonçalo, MAMEDE, Ricardo, ESTEVES DOS SANTOS, José Luís, (2017). Gray codes for signed involutions. DMUC 17-51 Preprint. Export
FERREIRA, José Augusto, JORDÃO, Daniela, PINTO, Luís, (2017). Approximating coupled hyperbolic-parabolic systems arising in enhanced drug delivery. DMUC 17-48 Preprint. Export
ARAÚJO, Janielly G., (2017). Sharp regularity for the degenerate doubly nonlinear parabolic equation. DMUC 17-49 Preprint. Export
MARQUES, Jorge, CARVALHO E SILVA, Jaime, (2017). Gevrey well posedness of Goursat-Darboux problems and asymptotic solutions. DMUC 17-47 Preprint. Export
AZENHAS, Olga, (2017). Skew RSK and coincidence of Littlewood-Richardson commutors. DMUC 17-46 Preprint. Export
SHI, Wenhui, VOROTNIKOV, Dmitry, (2017). Uniformly compressing mean curvature flow. DMUC 17-45 Preprint. Export
LUCATELLI NUNES, Fernando, (2017). Pseudoalgebras and non-canonical isomorphisms. DMUC 17-44 Preprint. Export
CASTILLO, Kenier, COSTA, Marisa S., RAFAELI, Fernando R., (2017). On Markov's Theorem on zeros of orthogonal polynomials revisited. DMUC 17-43 Preprint. Export
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