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    Calendário   (aaaa-mm-dd)
Scientific Area:
Multi-cam Capsule Endoscopy Imagery: 3D Capsule Location and Detection of Abnormalities
Escola Delfos
Groups, Topology and Applications
Attractivité internationale et collaborations de recherche dans le cadre du Coimbra group
Resilient Network Design - enhancing availability for critical services
Driving2Driverless: Urban and regional transport management under a scenario of shared electric fully automated mobility
Optical Coherence Elastography for imaging retina mechanical properties
Efficient Simulation and Computation for Health, Sea and Industry
New Perspectives in Nonlinear PDEs: unbalanced optimal transport, reactiondiffusion systems and nonlocal equations
Cento e cinquenta anos do Instituto Geofísico da Universidade de Coimbra: história e património das Ciências da Terra
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