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The newly ICM Structure Committee

Irene Fonseca, Director of Center for Nonlinear Analysis (Carnegie Mellon University) and a member of CMUC Advisory Committee, has been appointed to the newly created ICM Structure Committee.


Up to ICM 2018 in Brazil, the responsibility to determine the scientific program (sections and the number of talks in each section), appoint panel members who recommend the speakers,
as well as decide all speakers for the forthcoming ICM, has resided with the omnipotent Program Committee (PC). The aim with the new SC is to keep pace with and reflect the  development of all fields of mathematics in order to the make the ICM a showcase of modern mathematics. The ICM Structure Committee will be responsible for the scientific program of the next ICM in St Petersburg, while leaving the selection of the speakers with the PC.


Membership of the ICM Structure Committee is as follows:


László Lovász [chair]
Carlos Kenig [IMU President, ex officio]
Nalini Anantharaman
Alexei Borodin
Annalisa Buffa
Irene Fonseca
János Kollár
Terry Lyons
Stephane Mallat
Hiraku Nakajima
Terence Tao
Éva Tardos
Peter Teichner
Akshay Venkatesh
Anna Wienhard


Inserted in:   2019-01-11
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