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Summer School of the UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics

Aveiro, 3-14 September 2018.


This year the annual UC|UP PhD Summer School will take place in Aveiro and is jointly organised with the PhD Program in Applied Mathematics of the Universities of Aveiro, Minho and Porto (MAP-PDMA) and the PhD Program in Mathematics of the University of Aveiro (PDMat-UA).


The Summer School will consist of four intensive courses, in the areas of Algebraic Combinatorics, Algebraic Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, and Mathematical Methods in Biology, and sessions where the students of the three PhD programs that organize the School may present their work. A precise schedule will be available soon.


Scientific Committee:
Alexandre Almeida (Univ. Aveiro), António José Machiavelo (Univ. Porto), Dirk Hofmann (Univ. Aveiro), José Augusto Ferreira (Univ. Coimbra).

Inserted in:   2018-06-28
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