From Classical to Modern Analysis: In memory of Professor JosÚ Carlos Petronilho

From Classical to Modern Analysis: In memory of Professor JosÚ Carlos Petronilho, a Satellite Conference of the 9th European Mathematical Congress, will be held on June 24-28, 2024, in Sanl˙car de Barrameda (CadÝz, Spain).

On August 27, 2021, our friend and colleague JosÚ Carlos Petronilho passed away unexpectedly. JosÚ Carlos, beyond his extraordinary academic and professional career, was an endearing and down-to-earth person, who was always accessible and who amassed encyclopedic knowledge in Analysis. Although his research area is framed in classical analysis, he was a Professor of functional analysis at the University of Coimbra for more than a decade, which left a deep mark on a large part of his scientific production. The objective of this conference is to honour Professor JosÚ Carlos Petronilho by taking a tour of what was his passion for more than 30 years. This event, which will be attended by relatives of Professor JosÚ Carlos Petronilho, will be a unique opportunity to remember and honor someone who was an exceptional human being.

More information:

Place:   Sanl˙car de Barrameda (CadÝz, Spain)
Organization:   at CMUC: Kenier Castillo
Start Date:   2024-06-24
End Date:   2024-06-28
Research Groups: -Analysis
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