Lie groupoid and algebroid week in Coimbra II
School on modern aspects of the geometry and applications of Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids

The second edition of this school will contain two mini-courses, aiming to introduce some modern advances  of the theory of Lie groupoids, Lie algebroids, and their applications:

- Sylvain Lavau: Some instances of graded geometry and homotopy algebra in Lie algebroid theory 

- Zan Grad: Lie categories

The first day will contain a small crash-course on Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids, to introduce definitions, examples, and ideas used in the other courses.

The goal is to have a leisurely schedule, allowing plenty of time for informal discussions. This event is geared toward PhD students, and other researchers interested in the topic, but previous exposure to Lie groupoids will not be assumed.

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Place:   DMUC, University of Coimbra
Organization:   Raquel Caseiro and João Nuno Mestre (CMUC)
Start Date:   2023-07-10
End Date:   2023-07-14
Research Groups: -Geometry
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