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Discrepancy of stratified samples from partitions of the unit cube
Speaker: Florian Pausinger (Queen's Univ. Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Jittered sampling is a classical way of generating structured random sets in a d-dimensional unit cube. Such sets combine the simplicity of fixed grids with certain probabilistic properties of sets of i.i.d uniformly distributed points and are thus a popular choice in numerical...

On the Dorfman connections of a Courant algebroid
Speaker: Fani Petalidou (Aristotle Univ. Thessaloniki, Greece)
In this talk, after a short introduction to Courant algebroids and the related algebras defined by them, we will present the notion of Dorfman connection of a Courant algebroid on a vector bundle and some basic results about this. Then, we will present the role of such connections in...

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