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On the profinite topology on solvable groups
Speaker: Khadijeh Alibabaei (CMUP, Univ. Porto)
We show that the wreath product of a finitely generated abelian group with a polycyclic group is a LERF group. This theorem yields as a corollary that the finitely generated free metabelian group is LERF, a result due to Coulbois.We also show that the finitely generated free solvable group of degree...
Supercharacters for algebra groups and their geometric relations
Speaker: João Dias (Univ. Lisboa)
Given any algebra group over any finite field one has a supercharacter theory constructed by P. Diaconis and I.M. Isaacs. And we may ask three questions:- How the supercharacter theory behaves with respect to change of field (i.e. finite field extensions)- Exists an object that contains all...
Spectral properties of variable-coefficient Toeplitz matrices
Speaker: Helena Mascarenhas (CEAFEL, IST Lisboa)
Finite sections of classical Toeplitz matrices have been heavily studied in the last decades due to its several applications in particular to engineering problems. Variable-coefficient Toeplitz matrices generalize these ones. We will present results on the asymtotic behaviour of the singular...
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