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Quantum chaology in phase space through the Wigner transform
Speaker: Luís Pereira (Univ. Lisboa)
The Wigner function is one of the five major equivalent formulations of Quantum Mechanics. The others being Schrödinger's Heisenberg's, Feynman's path integral and the Density Operator. The study of the quantization of classically chaotic systems in the 70's led to the generalization of the...
On Basic Fourier-Bessel Expansions. Some related issues.
Speaker: José Luis Cardoso (CM-UTAD)
We will present a summary of the latest developments with respect to expansions involving the Third Jackson q-Bessel function (or, Hahn-Exton q-Bessel function), with special emphasis regarding Fourier expansions related to some basic functions which are q-analogues of the...
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