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On the structure of the infinitesimal generators of semigroups with discrete Lyapunov functionals
Speaker: Carlos Rocha (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon)
Dynamical systems generated by scalar reaction-diffusion equations enjoy special properties that lead to a very simple structure for the semiflow. Among these properties, the monotone behavior of the number of zeros of the solutions plays an essential role. This discrete Lyapunov functional...

Discrete harmonic analysis related to classical orthogonal polynomials
Speaker: Alberto Arenas (University of La Rioja, Spain)

Torsionfree representations of Smith algebras
Speaker: Samuel Lopes (Univ. Porto)
We will discuss representations of the Smith algebra which are free of finite rank over a subalgebra which plays a role analogous to that of the (enveloping algebra of the) Cartan subalgebra of the simple Lie algebra \( \mathfrak{sl}_2 \). In the case of rank 1, we obtain a full description...

Speaker: Anabela Silva (Univ. Aveiro)

Speaker: Elena Berdysheva (Univ. Cape Town, South Africa)

On chain polynomials of posets
Speaker: Leonardo Saud Maia Leite (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
The chain polynomial of a finite lattice \( \mathcal{L} \) is given by \( p_\mathcal{L} (x) = \sum_{k \geq 0} c_k(\mathcal{L})x^k \), where \( c_k(\mathcal{L}) \) is the number of chains of length \( k \) in \( \mathcal{L} \). The chain polynomials of posets in several important classes have...

Gap labelling for periodic Jacobi matrices on trees
Speaker: Barry Simon (Caltech, USA)

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