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A characterization of one-element commutation classes
Speaker: Diogo Soares (CMUC, UC|UP PhD student)
A reduced word for a permutation of the symmetric group is its own commutation class if it has no commutation moves available. These words have the property that every factor of length 2 is formed by consecutive integers, but in general words of this form may not be reduced.  In this...

An adjoint theorem for finitary functors
Speaker: Lurdes Sousa (CMUC and IP Viseu)
A functor between locally presentable categories is a right adjoint iff it is accessible and preserves limits [1]. We prove that for a number of categories, called graduated, the preservation of countable limits is enough. Examples of graduated categories include sets, posets, Boolean...

Speaker: Aram Diaw (CMUP, Univ. Porto)

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