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Truncated boolean representable simplicial complexes
Speaker: Pedro V. Silva (CMUP, Univ. Porto)
These structures constitute the largest known class of simplicial complexes admitting a geometric/topological theory. We will present the main features of this class and some recent results (joint work with Stuart Margolis (Bar-Ilan) and John Rhodes (Berkeley))....
Information lost when resampling
Speaker: Tilo Wiklund (Univ. of Uppsala, Sweden)
Various procedures in statistics rely on taking decisions based on data that has been resampled (usually with replacement). Examples include bootstrap-based confidence bounds and error estimates or "bagged" estimators. Since resampling is an additional source of randomness such resampled...
Superalgebras with superinvolution
Speaker: Herlisvaldo Costa Santos (UC|UP PhD programme student)
Our objective in this work is to provide primitive associative superalgebras a structure analogous to those for the algebras and to classify primitive superalgebras with superinvolution having a minimal superideal....
Variational theory and spectral geometry of quantum graphs
Speaker: James Kennedy (Univ. Lisboa)
The past decade has seen a pronounced growth of interest in differential operators defined on metric graphs, commonly known as quantum graphs. They offer the technical simplicity of one-dimensional objects, while often displaying complex behaviour akin to higher-dimensional ones, and are thus...
Functorial semantics and descent
Speaker: Fernando Lucatelli Nunes (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra)
In [1], given a 2-category A satisfying suitable hypothesis, we give the semantic factorization via descent. This specializes to a new connection between monadicity and descent theory, which can be seen as a counterpart account to the celebrated Bénabou-Roubaud Theorem [2]. It also leads in...
Compactly generated (T,V)-spaces
Speaker: Willian Ribeiro (PhD Student, CMUC)
First studied by Hurewicz, compactly generated spaces arise as a convenient category for homotopy theory and algebraic topology [1]. The full subcategory of Top (the category of topological spaces and continuous functions) formed by the latter spaces is well-known to have nice properties: it is...
Geometry of mechanical control systems with applications
Speaker: Sandra Isabel Ventura Ricardo (UTAD, Vila Real)
In this talk, a geometric setting for studying mechanical control systems is presented. A special class is distinguished: the class of geodesically accessible mechanical systems, for which the uniqueness of the mechanical structure is guaranteed (up to an extended point transformation). Non-linear...
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