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Main Research Seminar Program - UC|UP MATH PhD Program
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Research Seminar Program (RSP) - UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics
Room FC1 007, DMat UPorto PROGRAMME:11h00 - Maria Elisa Barbosa SilveiraDrug release enhanced by temperature: an accurate discrete model for solutions in H^3. Abstract: In this talk we consider the coupling between two quasilinear diffusion equations: the diffusion coefficient of the first...
13th International Young Researchers Workshop on Geometry, Mechanics and Control
This event is the thirteenth in a series of annual workshops that have previously taken place in Madrid (2006, 2007), Barcelona (2008), Ghent (2009), La Laguna (2010), Coimbra (2012), Madrid (2012), Barcelona (2013), Zaragoza (2015), Paris (2016), La Laguna (2017) and Padova (2018). Its goal is to...
WORKSHOP on Matrix Theory / SEMINAR of Representation Theory
The Workshop "Matrix Theory and beyond" will focus on various problems dealing with Matrices, like matrix polynomials, low rank perturbations, completion problems and related combinatorics including applications of Matrix Theory in engineering. The main goal of the Workshop is to show the...
New Trends in Quaternions and Octonions
The Third Workshop New Trends in Quaternions and Octonions aims to present recent advances in the research on quaternions and octonions gathering scientists working in pure as well as applied mathematics, scientific computation and applications in physics, engineering and other applied sciences.This...
The 82nd Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire
The Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire has existed since 1980 as a joint seminar in Combinatorics for the Universities of Bayreuth, Erlangen and Strasbourg, as well as the other Universities along the Lotharingian boundaries. Regular meetings will continue in the same spirit, but it has...
International Conference on Differential & Difference Equations and Applications 2019
The 4th edition of the International Conference on Differential & Difference Equations Applications will be held in the VIP Zurique Hotel in Lisbon. The previous conferences were held in the cities of Ponta Delgada (Azores, Portugal) in 2011 and Amadora (Portugal) in 2015 and 2017. The main...
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