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CAPPELLETTI MONTANO, Beniamino, DE NICOLA, Antonio, MARRERO, Juan Carlos, YUDIN, Ivan, (2019). Hard Lefschetz theorem for Vaisman manifolds. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. Vol. 371. 2, pp. 755-776. Export
MARQUES DE SÁ, Eduardo, (2019). Linear preservers for the q-permanent, cycle q-permanent expansions, and positive crossings in digraphs. Linear Algebra and its Applications. Vol. 561, pp. 228-252. Export
AZIMI, M. Jawad, LAURENT-GENGOUX, Camille, NUNES DA COSTA, Joana Margarida, (2018). Nijenhuis forms on Lie-infinity algebras associated to Lie algebroids. Communications in Algebra. Vol. 46. 2, pp. 494-515. Export
AREA, I., BRANQUINHO, Amílcar, FOULQUIÉ MORENO, Ana, GODOY, E., (2018). Orthogonal polynomial interpretation of q-Toda and q-Volterra equations. Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society. Vol. 41. 1, pp. 393-414. Export
CUMMINS, Chris, MATIAS, Rodrigo, (2018). (2+)-replication and the baby monster. Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA). Vol. 14. Paper No. 060, pp. 1-33. Export
GOUVEIA, Maria Celeste, KOVACEC, Alexander, (2018). . A formula for computing (1,2,3)-inverses of g-circulants. Linear and Multilinear Algebra. Vol. 66. 12, pp. 2487-2492. Export
BRANQUINHO, Amílcar, CHEN, Yang, FILIPUK, Galina, REBOCHO, Maria das Neves, (2018). A characterization theorem for semi-classical orthogonal polynomials on non-uniform lattices. Applied Mathematics and Computation. Vol. 334, pp. 356-366. Export
BRANQUINHO, Amílcar, NEVES, Jorge, (2018). A desigualdade de Karamata. Gazeta de Matemática. Vol. 184, pp. 10-14. Export
ADÁMEK, Jirí, SOUSA, Lurdes, (2018). A formula for codensity monads and density comonads. Applied Categorical Structures. Vol. 26. 5, pp. 855-872. Export
ESTEVES DOS SANTOS, José Luís, PUGLIESE, Luigi Di Puglia, GUERRIERO, Francesca, (2018). A new approach for the multiobjective minimum spanning tree. Computers & Operations Research. Vol. 98, pp. 69-83. Export
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