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MARQUES, Jorge, CARVALHO E SILVA, Jaime, (2017). Gevrey well posedness of Goursat-Darboux problems and asymptotic solutions. DMUC 17-47 Preprint. Export
AZENHAS, Olga, (2017). Skew RSK and coincidence of Littlewood-Richardson commutors. DMUC 17-46 Preprint. Export
SHI, Wenhui, VOROTNIKOV, Dmitry, (2017). Uniformly compressing mean curvature flow. DMUC 17-45 Preprint. Export
LUCATELLI NUNES, Fernando, (2017). Pseudoalgebras and non-canonical isomorphisms. DMUC 17-44 Preprint. Export
CASTILLO, Kenier, COSTA, Marisa S., RAFAELI, Fernando R., (2017). On Markov's Theorem on zeros of orthogonal polynomials revisited. DMUC 17-43 Preprint. Export
KAYGORODOV, Ivan, POZHIDAEV, Alexander P., SARAIVA, Paulo, (2017). On a ternary generalization of Jordan algebras. DMUC 17-42 Preprint. Export
BARACHE, Bahia, ARAB, Idir, DAHMANI, Abdelnasser, (2017). Exponential inequalities for Mann's iterative scheme with functional random errors. DMUC 17-41 Preprint. Export
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, PICADO, Jorge, PULTR, Ales, (2017). The other closure and complete sublocales. DMUC 17-40 Preprint. Export
BRANQUINHO, Amílcar, GARCÍA-ARDILA, J. C., MARCELLÁN, Francisco, (2017). Matrix biorthogonal polynomials, associated polynomials and functions of the second kind. DMUC 17-39 Preprint. Export
GIRÃO, Darlan, NOGUEIRA, João Miguel, SALGUEIRO, António Manuel, (2017). On links minimizing the tunnel number. DMUC 17-37 Preprint. Export
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