Publications (Journal Article)
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Scientific Areas
ARRIETA, Igor, AVILEZ, Ana Belén, (2023). A general insertion theorem for uniform locales. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. Vol. 227. 7, Article number 107320, pp. 1-24. Export
FAUL, Peter F., MANUELL, Graham, SIQUEIRA, José, (2023). Artin glueings of toposes as adjoint split extensions. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. Vol. 227. 5, Article number 107273, pp. 1-40. Export
PREZADO, Rui, LUCATELLI NUNES, Fernando, (2023). Descent for internal multicategory functors. Applied Categorical Structures. Vol. 31. Article number 11, pp. 1-18. Export
NEVES, Jorge, (2023). Eulerian ideals. Communications in Algebra. Vol. 51. 2, pp. 552-564. Export
GOUVEIA, João, MACCHIA, Antonio, WIEBE, Amy, (2023). General non-realizability certificates for spheres with linear programming. Journal of Symbolic Computation. Vol. 114, pp. 172-192. Export
AKTAS, Rabia, BRANQUINHO, Amílcar, FOULQUIÉ MORENO, Ana, XU, Yuan, (2023). Monomial and Rodrigues orthogonal polynomials on the cone. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. Vol. 522. 2, Article number 126977, pp. 1-26. Export
FERREIRA, José Augusto, OLIVEIRA, Paula de, SILVA, Pascoal da, SILVA, Rufino, (2023). New pathways for drug and gene delivery to the eye: A mathematical model. Applied Mathematical Modelling. Vol. 116, pp. 695-710. Export
CLEMENTINO, Maria Manuel, MONTOLI, Andrea, RODELO, Diana, (2023). On lax protomodularity for Ord-enriched categories. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra. Vol. 227. 8, Article number 107348, pp. 1-21. Export
CASTILLO, Kenier, MBOUNA, Dieudonné, (2023). Proof of two conjectures on Askey-Wilson polynomials. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. Vol. 151. 4, pp. 1655-1661. Export
CASTILLO, Kenier, (2023). Remark on the eigenvalues of a tridiagonal matrix in biogeography. Applied Mathematics and Computation. Vol. 437. Article number 127546, pp. 1-2. Export
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