38th Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications

This is the 38th conference in the series Summer Conferences on Topology and its Applications (SUMTOPO).
Earlier installments of this conference have been organized in Youngstown, Ohio (2023), Vienna, Austria (2022), Johannesburg, South Africa (2019), Bowling Green, Kentucky (2018), Dayton, Ohio (2017), Leicester, UK (2016), Galway, Ireland (2015), New York (2014), Nipissing, Canada (2013), Mankato, Minnesota (2012).

Conference Special Sessions: 

Set-theoretic Topology
Topological Methods in Algebra and Analysis 
Topological Dynamics and Continuum Theory
Topology and Categories
Topology in Logic and Computer Science
Topology and Order


Will Brian (USA)
Maria Manuel Clementino (Portugal)
Alan Dow (USA)
Mai Gehrke (France)
Salvador Hernandez (Spain)
Michael Hrusak (Mexico)
Jorge Picado (Portugal)
Lynne Yengulalp (USA)


Célia Borlido
Maria Manuel Clementino
Maria João Ferreira
Gonçalo Gutierres
Dirk Hofmann
Graham Manuell
Jorge Picado
Sandra Pinto
Lurdes Sousa

Place:   DMUC
URL:  http://www.mat.uc.pt/~sumtopo
Start Date:   2024-07-08
End Date:   2024-07-12
Research Groups: -Algebra, Logic and Topology
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