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Entropy numbers of compact embeddings or radial and multi-radial subspaces of Sobolev spaces with applications.
Speaker: Leszek Skrzypczak (Adam Mickiewicz Univ., Poznan, Poland)
The nine lemma in the S-Mal'tsev and in the S-protomodular settings
Speaker: Andrea Montoli (Univ. degli Studi di Milano, Italy)
We investigate what is remaining of the nine lemma and of the denormalized nine lemma, respectively valid in a pointed protomodular and in a Mal'tsev category, in the context of partial protomodular and partial Mal'tsev categories, relatively to a class S of points. The results apply, among other...
Identities in plactic and related monoids
Speaker: António Malheiro (Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
The plactic monoid is a fundamental algebraic object which captures a natural monoid structure carried by the set of combinatorial objects of semistandard Young tableaux. Other monoids arise in a similar way by considering different combinatorial objects: the hypoplactic monoid (the monoid...
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