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Rewriting systems and commutativity of diagrams
Speaker: Ivan Yudin (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra)
It is a common situation that given a set of commutative diagrams one needs to establish commutativity of another set of diagrams. The naive approach to the problem is to partition each diagram into smaller diagrams, so that each subdiagram is in the given set of commutative diagrams.In the talk I...
Topological groups have representable internal actions
Speaker: Maria Manuel Clementino (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra)
The actions of a group B on a group X correspond bijectively to the group homomorphisms from B to the group of automorphisms of X. This can be stated using representability of the functor 'actions on X' (see [2, 3]).In this talk we show the corresponding result for topological groups: The continuous...
Price models in mean-field games

Diogo Gomes (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

In this talk, we introduce a price-formation model for electricity markets where a large number of small players can store and trade electricity. Our model is a constrained mean-field game (MFG) where the price is a  Lagrange multiplier for the supply vs. demand balance condition. Under mild...
Entropy numbers of compact embeddings or radial and multi-radial subspaces of Sobolev spaces with applications.
Speaker: Leszek Skrzypczak (Adam Mickiewicz Univ., Poznan, Poland)
The nine lemma in the S-Mal'tsev and in the S-protomodular settings
Speaker: Andrea Montoli (Univ. degli Studi di Milano, Italy)
We investigate what is remaining of the nine lemma and of the denormalized nine lemma, respectively valid in a pointed protomodular and in a Mal'tsev category, in the context of partial protomodular and partial Mal'tsev categories, relatively to a class S of points. The results apply, among other...
Identities in plactic and related monoids
Speaker: António Malheiro (Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
The plactic monoid is a fundamental algebraic object which captures a natural monoid structure carried by the set of combinatorial objects of semistandard Young tableaux. Other monoids arise in a similar way by considering different combinatorial objects: the hypoplactic monoid (the monoid...
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