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Infinitesimal automorphisms of VB groupoids and algebroids
Speaker: Alfonso Tortorella (KU Leuven, Belgium)
VB-groupoids and algebroids are vector bundle objects in the categories of Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids respectively, and they are related via the Lie functor. VB-groupoids and algebroids play a prominent role in Poisson and related geometries. In this talk, based on joint work with Chiara...
A problem-dependent inner approximation of the completely positive cone

Mina Saee Bostanabad (PhD student, CMUC)

Motivated by the expressive power of completely positive programming and its dual, copositive programming, to encode hard optimization problems, many approximation schemes for the completely positive and copositive cones have been proposed and successfully used. For the completely positive cone, the...
Galois theory of graphs
Speaker: George Janelidze (Univ. Cape Town, South Africa)
This talk is about graphs in the sense of graph theory (not in the sense used in category theory). It will be shown that their Galois theory is not very different from other set-valued combinatorial Galois theories considered before, in spite of what it seems, due to non-existence of various...
On generating cartesian closed subcategories of (T,V)-Cat
Speaker: Willian Ribeiro (PhD Student, CMUC)
Generalizing the work of [1], we present the process of generating cartesian closed subcategories of (T,V)-Cat. From a fixed class C of objects, we form a new (reflective) subcategory whose objects are shown to be colimits of objects in C. For instance taking for C the class of compact Hausdorff...
Towards semi left exactness and Janelidze-Galois within the lax idempotent context
Speaker: Fernando Lucatelli Nunes (CMUC)
This is a joint work with Maria Manuel Clementino. Our aim is to understand the analogues of semi-left exactness and the analogues of the basic ideas of Janelidze-Galois within the lax idempotent context. As it is usual, there are more than one possible approach to do so. Our first step is...
Tree conjecture on graphs and more colourings in polytopes
Speaker: Raul Penaguião (Univ. Zurich, Switzerland)
We will talk about some chromatic invariants in graphs and polytopes, and see what are the consequences of a nice description of the kernel of these chromatic maps in important problems like the tree conjecture. We will see that the most general version of this problem is in the realm of generalised...
Speaker: Cornelia Schneider (Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
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