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Discrete harmonic analysis related to classical orthogonal polynomials
Speaker: Alberto Arenas (University of La Rioja, Spain)

On \(C^2\)-actions on complex surfaces
Speaker: Aram Diaw (CMUP, Univ. Porto)
Given a complex surface \( S \), we are interested in the description of an \( C^2 \)- action on \( S \).  It is well-known that this kind of action can be seen as the group of transformations given by the global flows of a pair of commuting complete vector fields. Our goal is to...

Torsionfree representations of Smith algebras
Speaker: Samuel Lopes (Univ. Porto)
We will discuss representations of the Smith algebra which are free of finite rank over a subalgebra which plays a role analogous to that of the (enveloping algebra of the) Cartan subalgebra of the simple Lie algebra \( \mathfrak{sl}_2 \). In the case of rank 1, we obtain a full description...

Speaker: Anabela Silva (Univ. Aveiro)

Speaker: Elena Berdysheva (Univ. Cape Town, South Africa)

On chain polynomials of posets
Speaker: Leonardo Saud Maia Leite (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
The chain polynomial of a finite lattice \( \mathcal{L} \) is given by \( p_\mathcal{L} (x) = \sum_{k \geq 0} c_k(\mathcal{L})x^k \), where \( c_k(\mathcal{L}) \) is the number of chains of length \( k \) in \( \mathcal{L} \). The chain polynomials of posets in several important classes have...

Gap labelling for periodic Jacobi matrices on trees
Speaker: Barry Simon (Caltech, USA)

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