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Supercharacters, Schur rings and association schemes
Speaker: Carlos André (Univ. Lisboa)
In this talk, we describe and illustrate the connection of supercharacter theories of finite groups with Schur rings and association schemes, and we discuss possible generalisations to the context of (infinite) topological groups, in particular of totally disconnected compact and locally compact...
Supercharacters for algebra groups and their geometric relations
Speaker: João Dias (Univ. Lisboa)
Given any algebra group over any finite field one has a supercharacter theory constructed by P. Diaconis and I.M. Isaacs. And we may ask three questions:- How the supercharacter theory behaves with respect to change of field (i.e. finite field extensions)- Exists an object that contains all...
Spectral properties of variable-coefficient Toeplitz matrices
Speaker: Helena Mascarenhas (CEAFEL, IST Lisboa)
Finite sections of classical Toeplitz matrices have been heavily studied in the last decades due to its several applications in particular to engineering problems. Variable-coefficient Toeplitz matrices generalize these ones. We will present results on the asymtotic behaviour of the singular...
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