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Overlapping domain decomposition algorithms for singularly perturbed parabolic problems
Speaker: Sunil Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology, India)
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On the Kantor product
Speaker: Ivan Kaygorodov (Univ. Federal do ABC, Santo André, Brazil; Siberian State Aerospace Univ., Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Kantor defined the conservative algebras as an generalization of Lie and Jordan algebras. There are many relations between conservative algebras and other non-associative algebras. We will talk about some classical papers of Kantor and some new results obtained in some joint work with Yu. Volkov,...
A new signature of quantum phase transitions from the numerical range
Speaker: Stephan Weis (Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
A quantum phase transition is a ground state phenomenon in an infinite lattice model with various defining key properties. We focus on two of them and point out their signatures in finite lattice models: Non-analyticity of the ground state energy and strong variation of the entropy of inferred...
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